Subst­ance abuse treatment in Phil­adel­phia

Are you struggling with an addiction to opioids, alcohol, or drugs?  Substance abuse treatment with Dr. Aviva Fohrer is here to help you get your life back. You can learn to take control of your addiction with a multidimentional, personalized plan that will target the healing you need for … [Read More...]

Dr. Fohrer – certified in Addiction Medicine

Aviva Fohrer, MD is certified in Addiction Medicine (Certification Number: 2012150) by the American Board of Addiction Medicine. Click here to view Dr. Fohrer's certification status. Certification in addiction medicine by The American Board of Addiction Medicine provides assurance that Dr. … [Read More...]

You can quit drinking alcohol

Are you trying to quit drinking alcohol? Thalia Medical Center can help. Dr. Fohrer is a medical doctor who treats alcohol addiction using evidence based treatments with a holistic approach. You can get immediate support while working to make a long-lasting recovery. Getting sober is a big … [Read More...]

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